Hi, my name is Sandra and I’m an Illustrator. I like Dinosaurs, creepy stuff, furry animals, outer space and laughing at bad jokes. My Top 3 favorite animals are: 1. white shark, 2. cat 3. alpacca. (27.07.2018) I hate freefalltowers and sexism. If I had to choose between kissing D. Trump or licking the floor in the UBahnstation Kottbusser Tor, I’d lick Kottbusser Tor. I’m a planthoarder. My favorite book atm is The Nix by Nathan Hill. In my spare time I work as a detective, better known as Kommissar Sandra (der beste Kommissar).

If you want me to paint your wall or car or whatever, write me an email!

Photo by Paula Pärnaste